Invoice No: #LL93784

Date: 01.07.2022

Exchange Confirmation:

Funded 27 July 2022
Paid out 30 July 2022
Transfer ID #23409
Membership LL23209

Invoma Banking

86-90 Paul Street, London
England EC2A 4NE

Transfer Overview

Ammount paid by Johan Smith
5000 USD
Transfer Fee
18.71 USD
Abbount converted
34762.23 CAD
Exchange rate
1 USD = 1.27 CAD
Converted and send to
5000 CAD

Send To

Bank Name & Branch: Toronto Bank

SWIFT / BIC Code: MSV24678665RT

Reference: 1298762534982

Account Number: 2465789456324

Account Name: Johan Smith

Address: 84 Spilman Street, London, United Kingdom

Paid Out From

Bank Name & Branch:
Canadian Bank
Delivered By:

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